Benefits to the Environment

The unique benefit of Xtraction is that it releases values locked away in the carpet and infill, therefore preventing waste.
  • Zero solid waste going to landfill
  • Manufacturing emissions reduced
  • New jobs are created in the supply chain
  • Recovered carpet and infills are put to good use in community and school programs
  • Logistical and transport costs reduced
  • Reduced carbon footprint linked to emissions from transport

Zero Waste Strategy – The Benefits

  • Waste Reduction means improved efficiency and lower costs
  • Costs of compliance with European regulations are reduced linked to land fill charges
  • Manufacturing carbon emissions reduced as man made materials are re-used
  • Transport emissions and haulage costs reduced (materials processed on site)
  • Reduction in landfill
  • More resources available for all
  • Opportunities in recycling/recovery process
  • New products from waste materials

The ‘Xtraction’ process means no waste materials to landfill. All materials would return as being reusable or recycled

Figure 1
Figure 1Current material flow for synthetic grass
Figure 2
Figure 2Improved material flow for synthetic grass through Xtraction process