The Xtraction Process

The site is evaluated by an independent UKAS* accredited sports testing consultancy to determine residual value and appropriate reuse.

*United Kingdom Accreditation Service

Surface is cleaned to remove top layer of material if contaminated.
The surface is de-compacted prior to the removal and break up of compacted sand material.
Using specialist cutting equipment, the rolls of carpet are precision cut.
Specialist machinery is used to process the rolls of grass and remove all infills from the carpet and load into 1 ton bulk bags, to be stored on site for re-use or relocation.
The carpet can be reclaimed in rolls up to 55m in length and 5m in width by the TM5 or 55m in length and 2m in width by the TM3. Rolls are tied and secured when removed from the machinery to assist in transportation. The rolls are kept tight and rolled on a plastic core to maintain roll stability.
The rolls are numbered as they are processed for ease of relocation.
Rolls are removed from site to reprocess or relocate.
Bagged sand is reused in a new installation or relocated to a new site.
Sub-layers/shockpads are left in existing condition, potentially avoiding the need for replacement.
On site infill processing
On site infill processing
On site grass recovery
On site grass recovery